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Meticulously crafted in finest materials, women's scarves by Loro Piana make an iconic accessory. Resounding with a unique softness that comes from the finest natural fibres, they kiss the skin with a delicately warm feel. Scarves in cashmere and baby cashmere and silk finish a multitude of looks with the refined understatement of Italian design.
Scarves in cashmere and silk: The comfort of the finest natural fibres
The Loro Piana collection offers women’s scarves in cashmere, crafted using a precious, ultra-fine fibre that imbues the accessory with airy lightness and sumptuous softness. Baby cashmere, a noble fibre, further softens the elegant wrap. 
The Loro Piana catalogue also includes silk scarves, refined, delicate accessories with a versatile fit, to be worn around the neck or hair in spring or summer. A silk women's scarf made from finest cashmere completes or complements classic and sporty looks.
The design and shape of women’s cashmere scarves by Loro Piana
As well as the superlative quality of fine natural fibres, Loro Piana women’s scarves stand out for their refined designs. Simultaneously elegant and casual, scarves in cashmere, baby cashmere and silk come in standard or large sizes, with clean-cut, linear designs or enhanced with details such as long fringes on the short sides and contrasting fine bands.
Elegant women’s scarves by Loro Piana are available in solid colours, multi-coloured tartan patterns and petals in different shades, providing the perfect finishing touch for any formal or casual occasion. The distinctive colour shades range from regatta blue to camel, are one of the refined features that make Loro Piana scarves a stand-out feature on any woman's outfit.

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Grande Unita Scarf Grande Unita Scarf
Grande Unita Scarf


5 more colours

242.0 BHD

Napier Scarf Napier Scarf
Napier Scarf

Baby Cashmere

2 more colours

608.0 BHD

Darwin Snood Darwin Snood
Darwin Snood


1 more colour

631.0 BHD

Two-Tone Scarf Two-Tone Scarf
Two-Tone Scarf

Baby Cashmere

2 more colours

540.0 BHD

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